5 Highest Quality Mountain Bikes for Kids to Rip Up the Trail On

5 Highest Quality Mountain Bikes for Kids to Rip Up the Trail On

Back in the days, it was really hard to get a good mountain bike to suit kids, but nowadays there are numerous specialist bikes in the market to allow your kid to hit the road or trail in style. When looking for the highest quality mountain bikes for kids to rip up real off-road trails, here is a highlight of 5 mountain bikes for kids to consider.

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#1: Diamondback Bicycles Cobra Junior Boy’s Mountain Bike (24-Inch Wheels)

Diamondback really put in some serious work into this bike to ensure kids get fired up about cycling. While it is one of the more affordable high quality mountain bikes for kids, the manufacturer did not compromise on comfort and performance at all. Some features that make this bike great for kids include:

  • A heavy duty steel frame for extra durability
  • 40 mm travel suspension fork
  • 24” 36 spoke aluminum wheels
  • 7 speed freewheel
  • Linear pull rear and front brakes for quick stopping

#2: Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sync’r 24 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike, 24-Inch wheels

This is not a toy, and there has been some severe attention to detail here to get kids on the trail. The bike’s low frame is designed to give younger riders more confidence and the lightweight materials used to build the bike make it for kids to control or pick up. A host of other exciting features that make this bike stand out include:

  • 6061 aluminum alloy frame with a receptacle derailleur hanger for more durability
  • Lower slung geometry along with 24” wheels offer better maneuverability as well as nimble handling
  • Sr sun tour XCR 24” suspension fork that helps to absorb the shock from bumpy rides on rough trails
  • 9-speed scram drive train that features gravity step-up cranks offer greater range for the gears
  • Sturdy 24” wheels are designed to withstand the abuse on rough terrain

#3: Diamondback Bicycles Youth Girls 2015 Tess 20 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike, 20-Inch Wheels

Developed by Diamondback again, the bike’s frame is built from high tensile steel for maximum durability. The bike’s low frame geometry is perfect for young riders and the paintwork is just what any kid would like on a bike. Other features that make this bike cool for kids include:

  • Front suspension fork to soak the bumps in rough terrain
  • Linear pull brakes that are strong and easy to operate
  • Shimano 7-speed drive train offers a wide range of gears

#4: 24″ Mongoose Ledge 2.1 Boys’ Mountain Bike

This is one of the top selling bikes by Mongoose. It is available in two predominant colors, silver and red. It also comes with several top of the range mountain bike features that will rival even some of the top range adult mountain bikes out there. These include:

  • Aluminum full suspension frame and fork to smooth out the bumps on rough tracks
  • 21-speed twist shifters along with Shimano derailleur for more precise gear shifting
  • Alloy linear pull brakes offer great and fast stopping ability
  • 3-piece crank offers a more reliable gear support
  • Lightweight but strong alloy rims

#5: Kent Super 20 Boys Bike (20-Inch Wheels)

With this bike, Kent wanted to offer kids an affordable yet reliable high performance bike without compromising on form. The bike features a number of components and design ergonomics that make this bike ideal for young cycling enthusiasts in a unique way. It is available in dazzling red, brilliant white, and bold black colors. Its unique features include:

  • 20” wheels
  • 7-speed gearing with twist-grip shifting
  • Dual suspension steel frame and downhill suspension fork
  • Alloy quick release seat clamp


When it comes to choosing the highest quality mountain bikes for kids, there are a couple of important things you need to consider before making the purchase. Some things you should consider include the material used to make the bike and the weight of the bike so that it’s comfortable and safe enough for the kid to ride and control, as well as pick up. Of course the other important things you need to look at are the components and features that enhance the riding experience. These include things like suspensions, brakes type, and the drive train. The above list of 5 highest quality mountain bikes for kids was compiled on the basis of these features.

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5 of the Best 24” Women’s Mountain Bikes with Aluminum Frame to Choose From

5 of the Best 24” Women’s Mountain Bikes with Aluminum Frame to Choose From

The best 24” women’s mountain bikes with aluminum frame combine superb craftsmanship as well as an affordable price tag. This is to ensure that you can enjoy navigating the great outdoors in style and without denting your wallet too much. However, most people looking for a good mountain bike might lack the knowledge on what precisely to look for when shopping. Of course you can’t blame them given the plethora of options in the market, and with each model offering something different, it can surely be difficult to make up your mind.

It is for this reason that I did some research and came up with a list of the best 24” women’s mountain bikes with aluminum frame. Read on for more on the features that make these bikes great.

5 of the Best 24'' Women's Mountain Bikes with Aluminum Frame to Choose From

#1: Mongoose Girl’s Maxim Full Suspension Bicycle (24-Inch)

Over the past few years, Mongoose has been one of the popular choices for most people looking for affordability and reliability in a market that is saturated with not so reliable options. The Mongoose Girl’s Maximum Full Suspension Bicycle is on a class of its own, providing mountain bike lovers a durable and affordable option for trails and roads.

The bike boats of several awesome features including an aluminum suspension frame for maximum comfort and performance. The bike comes with a suspension fork that helps to smooth the bumps and maximize control. Another great feature on the bike is a 21 speed rear derailleur by Shimano with SRAM twist shifters that makes changing gears easy. Other great features include:

  • A 3 piece mountain crank that offers wider gear ranges
  • Alloy linear pull brakes that come in handy when you need to stop quickly
  • Lightweight tough frame

#2: Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Sync’r 24 Complete Hard Tail Mountain Bike

The Diamondback Sync’r 24 is an outstanding women’s mountain bike that is ergonomically designed to suit the female form. The bike is equipped with an array of stellar features that make it truly stand out in the mountain bike market. It is built with a 6061 aluminum frame that features a replaceable derailleur hanger for more durability. Its low slung geometry along with the 24” wheels offer better maneuverability, as well as more comfort for nimble handing. Other great features on the bike include:

  • Sr sun tour XCR 24” suspension fork for better shock absorption
  • 9-speed scram drive-train that also features gravity step up cranks for greater range on the gears
  • A stout DB xc260 24” wheels to handle all the toughness on the track


#3: Beyond G24 MTB 24” Bicycle

The Beyond G24 MTB 24 inch bicycle by Head is another amazing and affordable women’s mountain bike. This popular mountain bike comes with some of the best quality mountain bike features. For one, it is built using an aluminum frame and a Zoom 425 Aluminum suspension fork. It is fitted with 24 inch alloy rims with Innova 24 x 2.125 MTB Tires. The bike’s drive-train features Shimano Trigger Shifters 3 x 7 (21 speed) and Shimano TX35 rear derailleur. The bike’s brakes and cockpit also feature a Promax aluminum V-Brakes, an aluminum seat post and stem, as well as aluminum handlebars with a WTB Rocket V saddle. Other extras on the bike include:

  • A quick-release seat post clamp
  • Quick release wheels
  • An aluminum kick stand
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Lightweight frame


#4: SE-Bikes Big Mountain 24-Speed D Bicycle

SE-Bikes have for a long time been known for providing value in their products, and he 24 speed D mountain bike is not any different. For starters, the bike is built using a double butted and semi-integrated aluminum alloy frame. The frame is further sustained by a high-performance suspension fork that has 100mm travel.

In addition, the bike is equipped with 24-speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifters along with an 8-speed crank set, and mechanical disc brakes that will work perfectly in all conditions. These features make up one of the most versatile drive-trains currently available in the market. Some additional features that make this bike stand out include:

  • SE 1 Double Butted aluminum alloy frame
  • HL 595SAMS 29 fork
  • Mechanical disc brakes


#5: Diamondback Response XE

The Diamondback Response XE is a great mountain bike for riding dirt paths, city streets, gravel paths, and dirt tracks, thanks to its sturdy construction. It is build using a strong, lightweight 6061 aluminum frame, and a Suntour XCT fork with 100mm travel. The two features alone are designed to offer a more comfortable ride when riding in rough conditions.

In addition, the bike comes with a Shimano drive-train that offers great gearing options, along with Tektro Novela mechanical disc brakes that are designed to work well in muddy, wet and dry conditions. Some other features that make this bike earn a spot in this list include:

  • 6061-T6 aluminum frame
  • 29” diameter wheels
  • Easy navigation
  • 100mm suspension fork
  • Mechanical disc brakes


Final Take

As you have probably already noticed, the selection of the best 24” women’s mountain bikes with aluminum frame is comprised of both affordable and some slightly expensive models. However, two things that make these bikes unique are versatility and performance. The bikes also stand out from the average mounting bikes that are currently available in the market because of their superior and innovative features. While some of the bikes in the list cost significantly less that more expensive bikes out there, they can still outshine many of the more expensive mountain bikes that you will find out there.

When looking for a mountain bike, it is important to consider a number of important things before making a purchase. First thing you need to consider is the reliability of the model. The other important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a woman’s mountain bike includes comfort, quality, durability and your budget.

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MTB Potential Damages

MTB Potential Damages

Cycling is usually light sport’s activity, while MTB is a bit more demanding, but anyways, our bodies are not designed to ride bicycles. Back, neck, buttocks and arms usually start hurting after some time spent on the seat of a MTB. Change parts that can help you achieve the right position, get some gloves and better seat to improve the situation without too much expenses. First of all, cyclists need to stretch their body before, during, and after any ride, especially MTB ride. This goes for back and neck muscles to be more relaxed and not spasmed in a position of a bicycle rider.

Strengthening of the abdominal muscles is good to get rid of the tensions from the back. Regardless to that, even well developed and experienced cyclists sometimes get numb in hands on long distance ridings or complicated MTB trails. So, it is good to change the position of the hands from time to time, or even to release the handlebar if the trail allows you to do so, in order to let the blood circulate properly through the arms and hands and upper body part.

There is also the trick with seat height – it should be high enough to take some weight from your arms. When we speak about bicycle seats, there are bad ones even if those are wide; it is wrong to think that only wide seats are comfortable. Soft seats are not the best choice if you tend to make long distance MTB rides. Today there are a large number of seats with good design that releases the pressure and allow blood flow where it is needed. Basically, if your seat is good for you, most pain will disappear by kilometers that go by, but occasionally rising to the pedal comes in handy as a pause of sitting.

The right saddle height will help you to ride much faster

Ensure that the transmission hook is not bent. When the bike is new, your rear gear is standing straight on the frame. The hook (or if transmission is directly attached to the ram) flexes if the bike falls to the side or if something stuck to it. This will cause problems in changing shifts, and the biggest problem arises when you try to switch on the largest sprocket. Then, the transmission can be woven into the spokes. The wheel gear catches, pulls it along and gets blocked, often by bending or even breaking spokes point, until the chain is jammed between the cassette and spokes. At this point, you will be very happy if you can correct the transmission and remove the chain out to just come home. Most often you have about one second to avoid this. As soon as you hear that the gear touched the rear wheel, spokes block and immediately stop pedaling. i6k3vSlTqZVApd3v.mediumThat will prevent a lot of damage, but often you cannot go home just using this (the largest) sprockets. The stick can also be afflicted in the wheel, engaging the rear derailleur – it breaks it off but you will have time to block the rear wheel and to save yourself from walking to the house if you pay attention to this circumstances, and act properly.

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MTB Hitting the Stone

MTB Hitting the Stone

Riding a bicycle is an adventure by itself, but MTB brings the adventure to one higher level – the level of adrenaline and wildness that cannot be explained by words unless you experience it yourself. No matter if you choose to cycle on the official trails, or pure nature paths, we are sure that you will sense the full adventure that MTB offers anyway. Every sports has its safety precautions, especially extreme sports, and MTB is all about extreme. So, here is some advice on what to do in some situations that may occur when you are on MTB out in a forest.

Hitting the large rock or tree roots with your wheel can result by damaged rims, even the wires can be cracked. If you have the MTB with disc brakes, those brake discs can be bent too. If the wires are those quality ones, it can happen that nipples, which hold the wires to the rim, crack and fall apart. So, be patient and slow down when you see some large obstacles. It is advised to climb uphill the trail by foot, and to use flag marks to mark all spots that can be dangerous in a downhill ride. One of the most important thing to check out is quick release of a wheel because it can open up or even crack in case of hitting the large rock.

Nick Ontiveros rides on the Mongoose Status 3.0 Dual-Suspension

Hitting the stone or large hole can bend the rims so hard or even to crack them completely, it can cause the explosion of inner tube, it can remove the outer tube or blocking the whole wheel because the rim is deformed hardly. If you perform side sliding when you fall down from the MTB, check out if there is some stone stuck in the space between the front or rear fork and the wheel.

Epic-29-590x590Carefully check out the frame of the MTB, especially on the spots that hit the ground. Steel and aluminium frames can last long after it has been lightly bent, but if it has even small cracks, it is time to repair or change it. Usually, cracks can be found around the weld area, and consider the fact that all cracks are usually hard to see. If you have carbon fiber framed MTB, don’t take your chance but take it to the service immediately.

Most of MTBs has the seat tube with a special part that screws to the seat. Check out if there is crunching when you sit on the seat. You can also try to lower the seat to the minimum level, and if it is hard to do, it might be the sign that the seat tube is curved or cracked somewhere.

Check out the rear gear wheels, and pay special attention to the lowest part of the gear wheel – the part with two small pinions. If that part is not parallel with the bicycle wheel, you should visit the MTB service. Check out the chain, but you should know that dirty chain will not affect its working, but it could cause accelerated wear of the propulsion parts. Clean the sand and dirt with some rag that is gathered on a chain to avoid bigger problems.

Getting into the habit of doing a quick mechanical check of your bike on a regular basis

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MTB Wearing Parts Info

MTB Wearing Parts Info

One of the best things that MTB allows is to travel faster and longer through the forest than it is possible with hiking. It means that if something goes wrong with your bicycle, you will possibly be far away from your home or someone to help, so you need to be aware that there is no MTB that is resistant to all forest trails you may get on to. When it comes to injury or some technical damage, you will be on your own, so you should be familiar with potential damages and wearing parts that can wear off during the MTB ride.

The list of most common wearing parts is probably familiar to you, but it is good to repeat that every time you go to MTB ride, and to check out the condition of the parts.


Chain – People are trying to preserve the working parts with often chain changing (when the checkout shows that the chain is stretched to 0.5mm), and this usually helps, but often one or two sprockets could be more weared off than others and can cause the chain to skip over them. MTB riders that go for long distance rides every year, usually change the chain once a year, or less – if they go over 3000 km per year.

The cassette is wearing off almost the same as the chain, so many riders change it at the same time as they change the chain. If you use all sprockets of the cassette equally, you might not be in need to change the cassette every time you change the chain, but just for any case, always check the condition of every sprocket, especially those that you prefer the most.

Grinders have large surfaces so it is not necessary to change it often. MTB bicycles that are used to ride on muddy trails need their grinders to be changed more often than usually. Other bicycles do not need often change of grinders, but rather on the need, depending on the condition of the grinders.

Brake pads – MTB bicycles with rim brake system, which is used on muddy trails, need a change of pads every few rides. In all conditions, it can be functional all over one season. All brake pads that are used on rim braking can be easily checked, and the signs of wearing off can be seen easily and you should check it out often. The result of neglecting the pads over time can ruin the rims, which leads to harder stopping or even the falling apart of the rims. Disc brake pads often last whole season or two, and it should be periodically checked if there is at least 1mm of brake pad material on the entire surface of the workpiece.


Rims – This applies to all bicycles that use the rim brake system. The friction of brakes, combined with dirt, can cause rim depleting over time, gradually creating the a concave surface of the brake, which is not good. There is no measure when it is time to change the rims, but if it comes to questioning if it needs to be changed, the answer should be yes, because in MTB, rims are very important part, and it should be in perfect condition due to high pressure that it is exposed during the MTB ride.

Cables and tubes often end up clogged and rusted even with good maintenance. This causes the brakes to pull harder, and shift quality significantly decreases. There would be needed a complete replacement for achieving the good condition (like the new ones have).

If your gears not shifting like they used to it's time to replace your cables!

There are also many other immobile parts that need to be changed, but they don’t require a frequent change.

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Choosing the Pedals

Choosing the Pedals

No matter what kind of bike you drive you always have the choice between a flat (regular) pedal, pedals with straps and clip pedals. Basic platform pedals are straight and large and can be used on the majority of shoes. Pedals with straps are those that basically have a platform but also have screwed metal or plastic „slippers“ that are tightened around the shoes with straps. Clip pedals are the pedals that hold firm plate which is screwed into a specific cycling shoes and thus keep the foot in relation to the bicycle without belts and straps .

Platform_Bike_PedalsWhile many cyclists who have a clip pedals on their bikes have their own story about their first time when they forgot to clip out from the pedal when stopping, clip pedals are generally safer to ride than the pedals with straps and flat pedals. The foot may slide off the flat platform when it is wet and in slippery conditions, which is especially dangerous if you do not sit in the seat at the time that is common in MTB cycling. If you have the pedals with straps, you need to reach it out with a hand to loosen the belt and release the foot, which is not very convenient, but also dangerous in some situation. Clip foot pedals are released when you rotate the heel to the outer side of the bicycle. Clip also releases the foot in the event of a fall, while the pedals with straps still hold the foot, which is, you will agree, very dangerous.

Which Pedals Should You Choose For Mountain Biking?

Clip pedals hold the pads of the feet firmly pinned in the middle of the pedal, which is the right position for the maximal efficiency. While you are hooked that way you have the option to lift the pedal in last half of the circle, and to pull it down in first half, which increases the efficiency a lot. When using ordinary pedals, you know that all the power that you produce in cycling is created only in the front half of pedal circle. To achieve such efficiency as with clip pedals using the pedals with a belt, you need a significant tightening of the belts in order to prevent the foot from getting out but it often happens that the feet get numb.


With the increasing of efficiency, there will come to increase of the strength too. When you use efficiently both large groups of muscles of your legs, you can cycle faster for longer period of time before you lose your stamina. With less energy used, you will speed up faster. Cycling uphill is much easier if you have clip pedals because you can collocate the weight of pedaling to quadriceps and hamstrings. When facing steeply uphills, clip pedals allow you to balance the body weight to the front without the risk of slipping from the pedals. The system of the clip pedals is even more efficient when cycling shoes are made tensely because the strength of pedaling is transmitted more directly without twisting of the sole.

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MTB Fall Down

MTB Fall Down

Nobody likes to fall down from the bicycle, but the truth is that it can happen to everybody sometimes, especially to those that ride the bicycle often. Most of bicycle riders consider that they are pros and that they know everything about MTB riding, but unexpected situations may occur anytime. No matter if it is some bump on the road, a dog that started chasing you, or you just became the victim of your own cycling style, and by that it is often considered the speed of downhill. You should know that it is not advised to continue the ride at once but rather to check out the state of the MTB before you proceed.

When we talk about falling down from the MTB, you should keep in your mind that it is advised to fall down on your left side of the bicycle, and there is good reason for such a tip. Of course, when it comes to falling down, it might not be the first thing on your mind, but it would be great if you remember this advice. Right side of the bicycle contains complete transmission mechanism, which means that all gears, sprockets, chains and transmissions are on the right side of the MTB. Not only for saving those expensive parts, you should try to avoid falling on the right side for the reason of saving yourself from various and large cuts that can be caused by that parts, which often contains a lot of sharp surfaces.

Watch video to learn more on how to check your MTB after a crash

It is bad to fall down from your MTB, but it is even worse to fall down again because you didn’t check out the bicycle parts after the first fall. If your MTB has the front fork with shock absorber, you should check it out firstly, because it can cause further problem if it is not functioning properly. mz_08_forkPress the handlebar down to see if it works smoothly without any creaking or scratching, and that it has good returns to its original position. If your MTB has no shock absorber, check if there are some cracks, and if there are visible cracks – it can happen that the paint folds in the place of cracks. If your MTB has rear suspension (full suspension) check it out just like the front one, by pressing it down. Besides that, it can happen that joints and axles of shock absorbers distort, or even crack, so patiently check out these parts.

Handlebar can be very wide, which makes it like a large lever that can crack or distort, or make the pipe that connects handlebar with the frame of the MTB. Even if there is only small crack or bent, it should be repaired because MTB includes hard shocks to the handlebar in some aggressive downhills so you should not tempt your luck with cracked handlebar. When it is about gear levers, you might have already heard about the trick of non-hitching, which allows the gear levers to Screen_Shot_2014_01_21_at_9.09.35_PMturn around the handlebar in the case of fall down, so it usually stands safe and functional after fall. After the fall, you should check out the brake levers first, because that part is the most important and the MTB cannot be used without brakes that are functioning.

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Mountain Bike Equipment

Mountain Bike Equipment

Eternal question – what to carry on with you on MTB ride? Some say that nothing is needed except the bicycle and yourself, but some say that you will need a bunch of different equipment elements. This article will help you to get in touch what would you need most in MTB riding, to be ready for some unwanted situations, and also not to carry too much stuff to make the ride even harder than it is because MTB ride is all about enjoying not suffering. Following these tips made from long year members of different MTB clubs worldwide, we are sure that you will be capable to remove all malfunctions on your MTB, and to find your way around in nature trails. So, we have made the list of things that you should pack with yourself when going to daily MTB ride.


Beside the knowledge of using simple tools for small MTB repairs, you should also know some basics about first aid, to change or mend the inner tube, to clean and oil the chains, to fix broken chain, to maintain the brakes and to fix it if malfunctioning, to fix loose wire and to change it if it is broken, to adjust rear and front gear if needed.

To achieve all of these, you will need some stuff that we consider necessary for all daily MTB rides, no matter if you are alone in the trail or with the group. You can not expect the group to wait for you if something went wrong, so you need to be prepared to fix the problem and later to reach the group again. It is more often that you are alone in the trail, so keep in your mind that you will need some knowledge in using these stuff listed below.

hitch_9Spare tires –Carry at least two spare inner tires when going to daily MTB riding. Cases with both front and rear inner tires pierced is not so strange for most of MTB enthusiasts.

Patching set – For small pierces, this can usually be handy, and will solve the problem.

Tire pump – First two things are useless without tire pump. You know what is it for.

Chain tools – Chain breaking is not so strange, so it is good to have chain repair tools.

Find out how to do this common bit of mountain bike maintenance

Suspension pump – Modern air suspension is very reliable, but it is good to have one of these pumps because if it comes to damage to shock suspension you will probably not be able to continue with riding.

Chain oil – If the trail contains the parts with small creeks, dusty roads or there is a possibility of rain during the MTB ride, it is strongly recommended to carry a small bottle of chain oil. Always clean the chain with some rag before implementation of the oil.

MTB-Bike-phone-holder-Bicycle-handlebar-phone-holder-Cycling-mountain-bicycle-mobile-phone-bracket-GPS-rackCellphone – Smartphones of today can do several useful things, and the most important is to be in touch with the outer world in case of emergency.

Raincoat – If the weather seems to be unpredictable, make sure you carry rainoat because some hard raining can make the conditions in which you will not be able to ride, so you can cover yourself and the MTB from the water.

First aid kit – Small first aid kits can be found in every bicycle store, and it contains everything you need in case of an accident on MTB ride.

Spare pedals – It is not so often, but it happens that pedal pads went broke in MTB downhills because the force you make is higher than it can sustain. So, if you are about to ride in an unknown trail, make sure you have the spare pedals.

Night lamp – All MTB riders usually go on the mountain in early hours of the day, but sometimes, if something went wrong, the ride may last until dusk, so be prepared to light your way through the forest properly.

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